Good News for Veterans Wanting to Finish School at Furman

If you are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill Tuition benefit, chances are your aid completely covers the cost of completing your bachelor’s degree at Furman Undergraduate Evening Studies.

What does Furman offer Veterans?

Furman’s dedication to helping adult learners in Upstate South Carolina dates back over 60 years, and our commitment to helping veterans achieve their professional goals is just as enduring.  We offer:

  • Classes that fit with your work schedule
  • Professional connections to help you succeed
  • Qualified instructors with real-world experience
  • A community of like-minded learners
  • In-person classes for a personalized education
  • 24/7 academic assistance

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What do my veteran benefits cover?

Financial assistance varies, depending on the Chapter benefit the veteran is eligible to receive. Current payment rate tables are available on the VA website. The most common benefit students take advantage of, the Post 9/11 Chapter 33 tuition benefit, is capped at $17,500 per year.

Tuition with Furman Undergraduate Evening Studies is $470 per credit hour which roughly translates to $11,280 per year.

GI Bill Pays to Furman: *$11,280

  • Tuition and fees charged: $11,280
  • Out of pocket tuition: $0

GI Bill Pays to you: $10,902

  • Off-campus housing allowance: $1,128/mo
  • Book stipend: $750/yr

*Amounts estimated through using Chapter 33 tuition benefits at three quarter time enrollment in the Furman UES program.  Yearly tuition estimate at $11,280 based on $470 cost per credit hour.

How do I get started?

Start your application with Furman

Start your benefits application through the VA:

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Once your application has been processed, the VA will send you a letter called a “Certificate of Eligibility.”  Send a copy of this letter to the Enrollment Services office at or 3300 Poinsett Hwy, Greenville, SC 29613

What happens next?

Once your Certificate of Eligibility is on record, Furman will submit your enrollment information to the VA at the beginning of each eligible term.  This includes certifying the number of credits a student is enrolled in, and a student’s “net tuition” for that term.  Any changes to your enrollment status should be reported to Enrollment Services immediately.  

For more information about benefit eligibility, please visit or contact the VA by phone at 1-888-442-4551.

All questions regarding Furman can be directed to the following:

Furman Enrollment Services

Furman Undergraduate Evening Studies